Christian Living

The College is proud of its Christian ethos, with students benefiting greatly from a strong pastoral emphasis. Our Primary and High School Chaplains work closely with staff and teachers to ensure that our students receive sound biblical instruction and ongoing support of the highest quality.

Students attend weekly Chapel services, enjoying messages from a variety of speakers relevant to their age and stage of spiritual growth. In addition, opportunities are provided for small group sessions eg. “Seasons” (grief and loss program); pastoral care, friendship support, boys’ education and leadership training.

Not only do classes begin each day with prayer and devotions, but every aspect of the curriculum is presented from a distinctly Christian worldview; instilling Godly values and attitudes that will benefit our students for a lifetime.


One of the highlights of each week is our student chapel time. King's has developed a reputation for its vibrant chapel meetings.

Student chapel bands and singers ensure the time is not just for spectators. Student involvement is designed to provide them with opportunities to develop their God-given talents and ministries.

Chapel speakers are carefully selected so that what they present is relevant to the lives of our young people. Our goal is to instruct, exhort and encourage students towards an increasing appreciation of and devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Hillsong Conference

Each year, over 200 of our high school students and staff attend the Hillsong Conference in Sydney. (In 2016, 60% of the Year 12 cohort attended the conference.) A program of specialised electives ensures students' interests are met and developed.

The evening rallies of over 20,000 from around the world not only provide a spiritual feast, but they open the eyes of our young people to the breadth of God's ministry around the globe.

The impact of this conference is one of the most dynamic spiritual influences on our student body. It has spawned many a student-led prayer and praise meeting around campus as well as generating a pervading Christian ethos within the College.


A most important part of Christian life is giving to the needs of others. King's as an organisation has a strong missionary outreach locally and overseas. The College joins in that ministry with opportunities for supervised student mission trips. In doing so, students have the opportunity to express their faith and love of the Lord in their support of those in need.

Not everyone is able to go on a mission trip. However, in order that everyone can become involved, various local service opportunities are provided for students as well as the opportunity to support a number of missions for which the school raises finance.