Student Wellbeing

Student Wellbeing

All children should be able to learn in an environment where they feel safe and supported. King’s Student Wellbeing team run programs that equip students with strategies to replace negative habits with positive practices, build resilience and adopt optimistic mindsets. We employ a number of incredible chaplains at King’s, who enjoy connecting with students in the schoolyard during breaks as they help to strengthen our community.

King’s approach to pastoral care adopts a multi-layered system of support and guidance, provided by a number of members of our community. Every student has access to assistance and advice from teachers, Year Level Coordinators, Heads of House, chaplains and student leaders.

Student Wellbeing Programs at King's

SOAR Program
(Stop, look at Options, pick an Action, Repeat). Helps children with anxiety develop healthy-thinking patterns.
Currently offered in Years 4, 6 and 9 (to be rolled out to Prep-Yr 12 in near future).

Iron Sharpens Iron

Anger-management, communication and self-regulation course, delivered through a physical/creative learning approach, such as gardening or boxing. This is an 8-week course open to Years 5-12 boys and girls.

Iron Sharpens Iron

Students sharpen their iron in a boxing class

Sisterhood / Brotherhood
Lunchtime fun connecting Year 7 girls/boys with Year 12 girls/boys

Friendship program

Rock and Water
A program teaching children about resilience

Grief and loss program

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