Primary School

Primary School

The Primary School at King's operates across three campuses - Logan Village (currently Prep - Year 4), Reedy Creek and Pimpama. All campuses operate as a single school with teachers working together to produce a common curriculum and specialist resources.

Mrs Lorraine Oswald

"Our success happens when we partner with parents to realise every child's potential."

- Mrs Lorraine Oswald, Group Head of Primary

Prep to Year 2

Prep is the first year of Primary School in Queensland and is available for children who turn five by June 30 in the year they start school. 

The early years of Primary School lay the foundations for life-long learning. In Prep, students are taught early literacy and numeracy skills. They engage in fine and gross motor activities, discover computers and iPads, and Christian values are woven into the curriculum content.

During Prep and Year 1, the College engages a speech specialist to help identify potential issues that may affect the development of literacy skills. 

We are convinced that formal education should be both academically challenging and interesting. Classrooms are a kaleidoscope of coloured posters, mobiles and a host of other visual learning aids.

The school calendar is filled with activities: open days, cultural and sports' carnivals, grandparents' day, musicals, excursions and other special events.

One of the favourite weekly events is the students' chapel time. This is an enjoyable program designed to nurture a growing relationship between God and His children. Drama, music, movement, teaching and praise and worship provide a rich atmosphere where the students come to appreciate their value to God and one another.

National and internal academic tests consistently attest to the rapid progress our students make during their early years of schooling.

Years 3 - 6

Our upper primary students are proof that school can be fun, stimulating and a growing experience.

Our classrooms are places of interest, friendship, order, respect and hard work. A thorough primary school education is the best foundation for success in High School and beyond.

While there is major focus on each student acquiring a sound knowledge of literacy and numeracy skills, students learn contemporary IT skills, grow in their knowledge of the arts and most importantly, grow in Christian character.

NAPLAN testing begins in Year 3. King's students consistently perform well in these tests, with results above the state and national averages. Throughout their time at King's, each student's academic progress is individually monitored through a combination of national and in-house assessment. These results are compared with their potential so that each student can be encouraged to achieve their potential.

While the Primary School covers the same material as that in the National Curriculum, it does so from a carefully thought-through Biblical basis. In doing so, these young people have the privilege of understanding the world in which they live from an eternal and meaningful perspective.

The school is proud of the development of our use of technology in the classroom. The younger years use a combination of class sets of iPad, Macbooks and iMacs, leading into Year 5 when our 1:1 program is introduced. This program runs from Years 5 - 12. It provides each student with either a laptop or iPad depending on their needs.

Project Based Learning is introduced to students in Year 5. This innovative approach allows students to learn and apply their knowledge to real life projects.

The Performing Arts department of the primary school presents some of the best primary school productions you will ever see. Often written by our staff these productions (eisteddfods, musicals, choirs and bands) engage the skills of a wide range of students. Music, taught by our specialist staff, is a major part of the primary curriculum. Students wishing to take private instrumental and voice lessons can do so on-campus.

Specialist PE staff meet weekly with students to develop their sports and general coordination skills. From Year 4, students participate in an inter-school sports program. More gifted athletes achieve regional, state, and sometimes national team selection in their particular sport.

Pastoral Care

A picture of the primary school would not be complete without reference to the pastoral aspect of life at King's. Part of each teacher's vocation is a commitment to the spiritual and psychological welfare of our students.

A major part of the weekly chapel and the Christian Living program is devoted to this goal. The chaplain's role is proactive in serving the special needs of the students. In addition to providing pastoral care, the school runs the "Seasons" program for those who have suffered significant loss or grief.

Our goal is to see each student grow in knowledge and wisdom and to develop confidence in the fact that they are special people who can affect their world for the cause of Christ by benefiting those around them.