Annual Report

2016 Annual Report

Established in 1980, King's Christian College seeks to work in partnership with parents to educate students in Christian leadership for tomorrow's generation. We are a multi-faceted school and encourage students to seek out and discover where their individuals gifts lie, and give them the opportunity to excel in many areas. Over the years, King's students have achieved highly in a wide range of activities.

A major focus is in the area of character development. Qualifications will open doors, but it is an individual's attitude and character that will often determine success in life. Many of the activities in the daily life of the College are designed to instill these attitudes and character traits.

Characteristics of the Student Body

The proportions of boys and girls from Prep to Year 12 and the number of Indigenous students for 2016 are below:

Distinctive Curriculum Offerings

King’s is a non-denominational co-educational Christian College. It offers a wide range of subjects and caters for both very advanced learners and students who need additional help. It has a comprehensive sporting program and an unusually wide range of co-curricular programs.

Extra Curricular Activities

High School

• All School’s Touch Team Training
• Art Extension
• Athletics
• Badminton
• Bible Study
• Book Club
• Chapel Band
• Cheer Dance
• Chemistry Extension
• Craft - Crocheting
• Craft - Learn to Knit
• Creative Writing Workshop
• Cross Country Training
• Chess Training
• Craft
• Dance Extension - Choreography
• Drama Extension - Theatre sports
• Euro Board Games
• Girls Only Fitness
• Electronic Music Production
• Graphics Extension
• Griffith Biology Program
• Gym Training
• Indoor soccer
• IT Masterclass - 3D modeling
• IT Masterclass - Programming
• Legal Studies Mooting and Man Up
• Live Music Performance
• Math Tutorial Groups
• Mechatronics
• Model Building
• Musical Rehearsals - Beauty and the Beast
• Pilates
• Physics Extension
• Prayer Group
• Preaching Intensive
• Radiance Mentoring Programs
• Recording with Garage Band
• Sporting Games & Activities
• Sports Scholarship Support
• Serving the Community
• Table Tennis
• Tech Studies Extension
• Worship Band

Primary School

• Author and Art Study
• Beginner Hand Sewing
• Beginner Robotics
• Best Book Club
• Cheerleading
• Chess
• Comic Book Creations
• Computer Coding – Turtle Art
• Cooking – Tasting around the World
• Crainium Cranker
• Dance
• Discovering the Bible
• Drama
• Drummies
• Dr Seuss Club and Little Bitty Book Club
• Forever Green
• Fun with “Faces and Names’
• Golf
• Grid Drawing
• Hands on Maths
• Hard Edge Art
• Health and Fitness
• Horse Riding
• It’s All About the Character
• Junior Japanese
• Let’s Act for Real
• Make a Movie
• Mechatronics
• Paint with Oil Colours
• Photography
• Pitch Perfect
• Pressing In/Going Deeper
• Primary Musical Stage Props and Visuals
• Primary Musical
• Puzzle Club
• Running Club
• Surfing
• Surf Lifesaving
• The Great Debate
• The Green Screen
• The Journey Starts with a Single Stop
• Theme for a Day Club
• What’s in a Name
• Wildlife Warriors
• Writing Club

The Social Climate of the School

The King’s Chaplaincy team is involved in a number of programs to support families both in and out of school, particularly focusing on families who have a need of additional support. This is done by a program of working with small groups providing safe places for students to go during break times, being involved in camping programs, organized activities and at times academic help to a limited level. They also are involved in after-hours work assisting families in liaising with youth groups and responding to emergencies. They are also involved in assisting school staff with school activities such as after-hours surfing, excursion, preparation etc.

King’s has an anti-bullying and harassment policy which seeks to ensure that a positive College culture is maintained through community leadership, in the form of behavioural boundaries, while also providing the opportunity for spiritual redemption from the impact of sin for all members of the College community.

Parental Involvement

King’s was established to work in partnership with parents in educating their children. We strongly encourage parental involvement in the P&F, volunteer program and in the many sport, co-curricular and pastoral activities.

Parent, Teacher and Student Satisfaction With The School

Findings of surveys or studies of parents, students and teachers for the purpose of marketing and school improvement.

Contact for further Information

For general College information visit our website at
Stephen Wruck, Community Relations Manager, can be contacted on 07 5578 7600.

Staff Composition

The staffing composition is set out below:

Qualifications of All Teachers

*Some teaching staff have more than one qualification

Expenditure & Teacher Participation in Professional Development

The total funds expended on teacher professional development in 2015 was $119,670.

The major professional development initiatives were as follows:

  • Senior First Aid Refresher SR060416
  • Hillsong Conference
  • Hillsong Colour Your World Women’s Conference
  • Various staff meetings and planning days
  • QSA Workshops
  • Various Independent Schools Qld Professional Development Days
  • Associated Christian Schools
  • Middle Management Retreat
  • Parramatta Marist - Project Based Learning - STEM
  • Future Schools
  • QCAA
  • Edutech
  • Google
  • Subject specific PD
  • Criterion Conference
  • Griffith University
  • Lutheran Ed
  • Geelong Grammar
  • Newtech Network

The involvement of the teaching staff in professional development activities during 2016 was 98%.

Average Staff Attendance (Based on unplanned absences of sick and emergency leave periods of up to 5 days)

For permanent and temporary staff and school leaders, the staff attendance rate was 98% at Reedy Creek and 98% at Pimpama in 2016.

Proportion of Teaching Staff Retained from Previous Year

From the end of 2015, 89% of staff were retained for the entire 2016 school year.

Average Student Attendance Rate

The average attendance rate as a percentage in 2015 for Reedy Creek was 94% and Pimpama was 94%.

Roll call is conducted at the beginning of each day. Where student absences are unexplained, parents are contacted by SMS.

Reading, Writing & Numeracy Benchmark Data

Apparent Retention Rate

Year 12 student enrolment as a percentage of the Year 10 cohort for 2015 is 86.6%.

Year 12 Outcomes

Information Communication Technology Services

In 2016, the College’s 1 to 1 program in Years 5-12 continues to grow with a device in the hand of 1137 students and 196 staff. Since major infrastructure purchases occurred in 2015, there have been no major changes and these systems are in a process of continual refinement. IT staff continue to meet on a monthly basis with other schools and Apple to keep up to date on current and future challenges.

Staff professional development throughout the College has led to continued innovation in teaching and learning. This year staff attended a number of high value conferences including Edutech, the Google Apps for Education (GAFE) Summit, the NewTech Annual Conference and two conferences specifically designed around the new Digital Technologies curriculum.

This year, we also hosted a substantial amount of onsite training from both the New Tech Network and Apple’s education arm. These conferences and professional development opportunities open our staff to a wider context where the role of technology and 21st Century learning is explored on a national and international level and we can draw from the collective wisdom of others in the field of education.

In 2016, King’s continues to implement the eSmart program developed by the Alannah and Madeline Foundation. One of the initiatives from this program was to host Susan McLean, Australia’s foremost cyber safety expert, to speak with students and parents about online safety.

Mr Carl Hotko, a teacher in the high school, has also been appointed as our eSmart Coordinator and has been working tirelessly to help create an environment where the safe, smart and responsible use of technology becomes the norm. He continues to look at our community, curriculum and policies to move towards our accreditation with eSmart.

Students continued to have access to their learning anywhere anytime with further development of our online learning platforms. King’s Christian College teachers and students have access to a wide range of digital learning resources, which continues to meet our goal of utilising the best digital technologies to engage and challenge our students. In 2016 our staff continue developing outstanding digital resources to engage our students within physical and virtual environments.

Next Step Survey 2016

In 2016, 70.0% of young people who completed Year 12 at King's Christian College in 2015 continued in some recognised form of education and training in the year after they left school.

The most common study destination was Bachelor Degree (46.9%). The combined VET study destinations accounted for 23.1% of respondents, including 14.6% in campus-based VET programs, with 10.0% of Year 12 completers entering programs at Certificate IV level or higher.

8.5% commenced employment-based training, either as an apprentice (7.7%) or trainee (0.8%).

In addition to the above study destinations, a further 8.5% of respondents from this school deferred a tertiary offer in 2016 (deferrers are included in their current destination).

30.0% did not enter post-school education or training, and were either employed (24.6%) or seeking work (5.4%).