100 Days of Prep Celebrated


Friday, July 29, marked an important milestone day for our Prep students as they celebrated 100 DAYS IN PREP. The special occasion was a chance to recognise all that our youngest King’s kids have achieved at school so far. Prep is characterised by new faces, new places and new experiences, and our students have all embraced their first 100 days with curiosity and courage. From meeting our larger-than-life King’s lion on Day One to learning to read, write, count, make friends, and much more, these students have developed in so many ways. 

"The Prep teachers dressed in bright colours for 100 days of Prep and our students enjoyed a 'neon party' in the auditorium in the afternoon before they departed the day with a bright coloured balloon that reminds them just how proud we are of them for their first 100 days of school," said Mrs Michele Wiehe, Prep to Year 2 Coordinator.