2021 Mission Trips


This year, King's coordinated three Mission Trips to Chinchilla, Saint George and Rockhampton during the September school holidays, where our 78 compassionate team members served in remote Queensland communities and modelled the love of Jesus in such a powerful way.


Our group of 26 students and six staff travelled to Chinchilla for an incredible six days. During our trip, we worked with the students and staff at Chinchilla Christian College and our motto was to ‘embrace the uncomfortable’ and our devotions' theme was ‘who you say I am.' The students all stepped up to the challenges of the week and staff from Chinchilla Christian College were blown away with the way they modelled Christ. Our group of students all have a close bond, they are hungry to know more of God and this made our devotions together at night so powerful. Our students ran a chapel service for the High School students from Chincilla, a community-building youth event on Friday night and a praise and worship night on Sunday for the wider community. Following our visit, the Principal of Chinchilla Christian College has decided to employ a full-time chaplain for next year!

As staff members on the trip, we all had so much fun hanging with our team and running community events at night. It was so encouraging to see how each team member stepped up to God’s calling during this mission trip. Every one of us was blessed and encouraged by the Chinchilla students' warmth and hospitality towards us. We thank God for allowing this trip to happen despite COVID restrictions, mask mandates and possible lockdowns. I would encourage every King's High School student to go on a mission trip - it is an awesome and life-changing experience!

Miss Katie Baldwin
Missions Team Staff Member

Student Highlights

"There were many highs across the whole trip, however, being a part of the worship band was probably the highest point for me. Particularly being a part of the Sunday night service."
"I was personally impacted by the mission trip because of the new friends I was able to make. Realising we have many fellow Christians in Chinchilla who are working alongside us for the gospel was pretty awesome for me, and has deepened my faith knowing we have a whole community of Christians wherever we are."
"I can definitely say that I embraced the uncomfortable. I stepped up in my faith and became vulnerable in a space that I'm usually quite timid in. I made friends I'd never really had the opportunity to make before on the trip and even the connections I created between Chinchilla students has given me a wider perspective on many aspects of life such as faith, gratitude, and compassion."

Thank you to every student and staff member who gave up part of their school break to put God first. We are blessed to have a College that facilitates these trips and encourages students to take part in many mission-based activities like these, so our community can serve others in such a practical and life-changing way.