2021 Premier's Reading Challenge


Our College eagerly participates in the Premier's Reading Challenge each year to help promote a lifelong love of literacy. The State-wide program encourages students to enjoy a wide range of books as they work towards reading a set number of books for their Challenge age group. The Premier's Reading Challenge is not a competition to find out who can read the most books but it is about helping young readers set a reading goal so that they will establish regular and positive reading habits. Congratulations to our Prep - Year 4 students who participated this year and received their Certificate of Achievement, signed by the Queensland Premier, during their Week 5 library lessons.

Well done to our 149 Years 5 and 6 students who also participated and were challenged to read at least 15 books in the three-month period. A few exceptional students exceeded expectations and received $20 book vouchers. This year, Noah Morichovitis read 500 books and received a $40 book voucher. Our top reading class was 6RC with 25 students, followed by 6RS with 23 students and 6RB with 20 students participating. Congratulations to these amazing readers:

$20 book vouchers winners

  • Cindy Xie 5RB read 30 books
  • Sion Hong 6RC read 30 books
  • Anna Igari 6RC read 30 books
  • Tristan McDonald 6RC read 30 books
  • Ziahn Foote 6RJ read 30 books
  • Daniel Van Rensburg 6RP read 30 books
  • Michelle Huang 5RO read 45 books
  • Thomas Beakley 6RC read 45 books 

$40 book voucher

  • Noah Morichovitis 6RS read 500 books!