2022 Athletics Carnival


The House competition was very fierce again this year in both Primary and High School carnivals. With a mirror leaderboard, congratulations to our 2022 House Champions from Finney who are victorious after showing a strong combination of House Spirit and athletic strength. We are all proud of the participation levels in the College, witnessing everyone give it a go! 

Primary School House Champions

1stFINNEY3,207 points
2ndNEWTON2,882 points
3rdRAYLEIGH 2,505 points
4thTYNDALE2,147 points

High School House Champions

1stFINNEY3,435 points
2ndNEWTON2,759 points
3rdRAYLEIGH2,729 points
4thTYNDALE2,511 points

Age Level Champions

Congratulations to our amazing Age Champions who successfully recorded the highest point scores in their respective age groups:

Primary School 





8 Years Girls

Tahlia South

Sophie Wilmot

Zoe Lenton

8 Years Boys

Oscar Svensen

Lincoln Francis

Preston Parata

9 Years Girls

Grace Doyle

Khloe Spalding

Rose Matthews

9 Years Boys

Aspen Jackson

Jayden Osondu

Jordan Mclean

10 Years Girls

Koa South

Lucy Doyle

Isabella Mansfield

10 Years Boys

Malachi Francis

Jordan Graham

Lucus Brennan

11 Years Girls

Adele Hay-Batchelor

Chloe Breebaart

Xy Sapinoso

11 Years Boys

Bronson George

Jesse Foster

Emmit Morris

12 Years Girls

Ruby-Louise Platt

Payton Channell

Ella Blazicevic

12 Years Boys

Zimiri Garaty 

Joshua Phipson 

BJ Windle


High School 





12 Years Girls

Charliee Owen

Tia Rerekura-Tamaiva

Robbi Greenshields

12 Years Boys

Tyler Lama

Harper Faaeteete

Bailey White

13 Years Girls

Jalyn South

Sienna McCartney

Myra Patching

13 Years Boys

Arik Mosterd

Elias Flancia

Jacob Hankinson

14 Years Girls

Justine Platon

Olivia Petrucci

Emily White

14 Years Boys

Rueben Morrow

Cooper Morris

Houston Windle

15 Years Girls

Sarah Phipson

Taylah Caldwell 

Allegra Morrow

15 Years Boys

Ryan Farcau

Tom O'Connor

Kaylen Simmons 

Tobias Morgan

16+ Years Girls

Lilly Petherick

Emily Clark

Ayla Green

16+ Years Boys

Sam Moonen 

Asher Morell

Josiah Drury