2022 Vision Ceremony - Honouring King's Founders

College Life

King's annual Vision Ceremony has always been an important event for our school community and following two years of event restrictions, the special assembly returned on Tuesday, 2 August. Our College Board, King's Church pastors, staff and senior students all assembled to honour our King's Founders, who had a God-given dream in 1980 to build a Christian school for 100 students. Thanks to God's continued provision and wisdom, as well as our Founders' foresight and dedication, King's has grown to become a multi-campus school with over 4,000 students. Mrs Jan Fuller was one of King's faithful founders in attendance and during the ceremony, she lit the 42nd candle which represented 2022 as the 42nd year since King's first opened.

"We have always been a school with Jesus at the centre. If we lose sight of that mission, we are just like any other school. We must remain focused on Him."

A video timeline told the story of King's humble beginnings until now, and ended with the poignant question "What story will you write?" Mr Meyers, Reedy Creek Campus Principal, followed with the message that from small things, big things grow - a philosophy that can be applied in many areas of our lives. As we seek to know God's plans for us personally, ask Him for wisdom and courage to fulfil those dreams, and take small steps of faith each day, we can follow the example of our Founders. One of our Year 12 Foundation students accompanied a Prep student to the stage, as she presented our Head of Secondary, Mr Vallance, with a time capsule of Prep student drawings that will be given back to the Preps at their Year 12 Graduation in 2032. The ceremony also saw five Year 5 students model the original King's uniform which made our current students very grateful that the College uniform has evolved from the yellow and brown tones of the '80s.

Our College has been blessed with a rich Christian heritage and as a growing school, we remain faithful to the King of King's.

Throughout the next week, students across all year levels will enjoy a Vision Ceremony assembly.