A Change of Heart Leads to a Career in Education


Miss Jenna Beyrouthi

After pursuing an initial career choice in Design, Jenna Beyrouthi’s heart was changed when she worked part-time at a school in Sydney’s inner west.  The school had a high population of underprivileged children who crept into Jenna’s heart and the relationships she made led to her changing her career choice to childhood education.

Miss Beyrouthi was a foundational teacher at King’s Pimpama back in 2015 when the campus first opened and worked part-time as a Pre-Prep Teacher.  After completing her teaching degree, she always intended to get a job teaching in a primary school. 

However,the Lord opened a different door for me seven years ago, when I was offered a position at Noah’s Ark to teach pre-prep,” she said, after returning to our campus to teach Prep after all these years.

“I grew such a heart for the early learning years and this opportunity gave me a strong foundation for my teaching career that has shaped me to be the educator that I am today,” said Miss Beyrouthi, who is also a good listener, and has many other wonderful traits that her students will appreciate.

When asked why she chose King’s as her place of employment, she stated, “I love sharing my heart for Jesus with the children and find it a tremendous blessing in an environment where the gospel is upheld and proclaimed.”

Her design background has come in handy as an early years teacher, especially in making resources, creating interesting learning spaces while adding a touch of whimsical theatrics in the classroom. She loves to spend time being creative and making her own ‘bits and bobs’ for the students to enjoy.

With a love for all things drama – it was her favourite subject at school – Miss Beyrouthi loves to get hooked on a good Netflix series, go on a spontaneous adventure with friends, or seek out a cosy café. She also has a good story to tell about a foot that walked into a glass panel, but we'll leave her to share that story when the students are older.