A Day in The Life of Ray

College Life

Our College has a number of important departments and staff who work behind the scenes every day to give our students the best possible experience at King's. In upcoming editions of the newsletter, we will introduce you to some of our unsung heroes, starting with Mr Ray Donaldson, our King's Security Officer of six years...

What is an average day at King’s like for you?

"My day starts with meeting and talking to students, staff and parents as I walk through the school. My mum always told me to greet and acknowledge people because you never know how that greeting might change their day. My days are never quite the same as we have a very busy school. But I spend a large part walking around or driving the buggy and checking on different areas, as well as students and staff. I also watch our cameras for different things that happen around the school. I’m always on the look out for anything that seems out of place that may affect our students’ safety. Sometimes you’ll find me on the front desk helping with phone calls, in the bus zone getting our students safely onboard, or at school events making sure our students are safe."

Why do you see your role as important for our community?

"Having a staff member onsite who has a physical presence in the capacity of a lawful guard, is important. It sends a message that we take the safety of our school community very seriously. When the security guard arrives it creates a pause that allows a person to think ‘oh, security’s here’ and sometimes that is all it takes to change a situation. I think it’s important to have the right person in that role who is integrated into our community and has standing relationship, not just with staff but also with students and parents. It helps in those moments when something has the potential to become better or worse."

What do you love about your role?

"I love that I get to watch our King's kids grow up. To see students shift from kindergarten to primary to high school, and then graduate. I love watching our kids crush it at sports, get better and better at playing instruments, win debates and perform in musicals and create wondrous works of art. In my role, I get to see all that. I get to see awesome people that I work with celebrate birthdays every month. I get to see our school family rally around someone after they’ve lost a loved one. I get to see the wins and losses at every level of the school. That’s why I love my role - I get to be everywhere."

Do you get called to help with snakes or other wild animals?

"Sometimes - mainly dogs that come onsite. I’ve chased a few birds, rescued some kittens and also helped some turtles that fell from the dam. I’ve also assisted with a few snakes and stood to guard a few. I was just never quite sure if I was looking after the safety of our students or the welfare of the snake!... but snakes are always handled by Richard Webb, and the grounds staff. I’ve moved a few of the kangaroos back into the Archery Centre next door when they’ve bounced out into the car park, just before families arrived. "

Beyond King’s, what are some of your favourite hobbies?

"I love playing board games and video games, and I also paint miniatures."

Next time you see Ray doing his 'rounds, don't forgot to say 'hi' and thank him for all he does!