A New Start for High School in 2021


It was with much anticipation that almost 240 high school students walked into their new High School home in Week 1. Over the last two years, our students often heard about the new facilities that were either being discussed and planned, then they saw architects drawings of the building and then they watched as the building itself began. First, the groundwork, then the cement slab was poured and then each day the walls got higher, then roof went on, the windows were installed, workmen scurried around tending to internal fit-out while machines continued to ready the space around the building and then finally, the students were allowed into their new learning space. What a lovely two days it was meeting our Year 7 and new students for the first time and then welcoming back our Year 8 and 9 students the following day.

I am pleased to report that the start to 2021 has been remarkably settled. As always, it has taken a while for everyone to get used to where lockers are, how to use the combination locks, where all of the rooms are in the new building, the new high school timetable and where we need to be and when. But I must applaud our students who have persisted and shown a determination to make the best start to this new year. The dedication to classwork over the past few weeks has been wonderful and I encourage everyone to continue with this mindset as we push on into the term.

There is much to look forward to this year under the guidance of our new Principal, Mr Rob Verreynne. Our theme for 2021 is “Growing the Family”. With this in mind, we are looking forward to opening up leadership and service opportunities again to our students within the Pimpama campus and making links with both the Reedy Creek and Logan Village campuses. We also hope to embark on new opportunities within our local community. I cannot wait to see the wonderful achievements of our students as the year goes on.

Pepeita Hamilton
High School Coordinator