AWL Visit Upper Primary Students


On Tuesday 13 June the Year 5 and 6 students were blessed by a visit from the Animal Welfare League. Kathryn came with her two dogs Bean and Mr Clooney. The Animal Welfare League has cared for over 8443 animals. The AWL is rehoming and reuniting animals as well as being a provider for desexing operations and emergency boardings. On top of this, the AWL have found 3251 animal-kind caring foster homes. The Animal Welfare League they have lots of dogs and cats up for adoption. 

Kathryn explained to us how to take better care of our dogs. She said we can do this by making sure they get enough exercise and learning our dog’s body language. The AWL team also told us how important it is to make sure our furry or not-so-furry friends feel safe and comfortable in their homes.

She showed us some of Bean's and Mr Clooney's tricks. Mr Clooney is very talented. He showed us that he can jump through three Hula Hoops, he can also tidy up and so much more. Bean can also jump but not as high but Bean is very soft and cuddly both of the dogs were really nice and welcoming. Animal Welfare League cares so much about their animals and treats all of them with love. Next Term the Year 6s will be trying to find ways to help the Animal Welfare League. 

We loved having them over and we are so thankful for their visit and all the stuff we have learned. We hope we will see them again soon.

Written by Sienna Jessop 6PC