Entrepreneurial Spirit Shines at Biz Day


King's Biz Day is a favourite annual tradition that provides our Year 9 Young Entrepreneurs students with a real-life scenario to practise their entrepreneurial prowess. After weeks of careful planning and collaboration, our budding business tycoons transformed the High School Oval into a bustling marketplace on Tuesday, 12 September. The entrepreneurial spirit was palpable as students set up their 'shop' fronts and established their 'kitchens'. The oval was filled with delectable aromas, vibrant branding, and lively spruikers who drew in crowds, helping our Year 9 students generate revenue from their stalls. From mouth-watering Mexican to refreshing snow cones, fluffy fairy floss, delectable waffles, exotic bubble tea, irresistible sweets, and more – our staff and younger students relished the diverse array of products on offer. 

As our Year 9 shops shut for another year, our ‘business owners’ will now be tasked with completing their financial statements. They have also committed 10 per cent of their profits to charitable causes, demonstrating their desire to give back to the community while sharing the remaining profits among group members. Congratulations to our mini ‘business owners’ for showcasing your enterprise skills, and thanks to our school community for being such supportive customers!