Biz Day a Great Success


The annual Biz Day event is part of the Year 9 business studies curriculum and it was a success with each group of students getting real-life experience in putting together a small business.  

Their day started early with preparations for the individual stalls.  Each team had to set up early at the start of the day and make sure all their food was correctly stored in the food tech room.  Followed by setting up their market area and then serving the paying customers.

Year 9 student Mary Diaz stated, "We were all a bit nervous about what we lay ahead of us. Two sessions were organized for our customers.  The first session was serving the primary school students followed by all of the high school coming into our business area."

"Our little business was a handful of sweet things.  Everything from popular cookies to the rocky road and brownies and our number one sell-out our tasty cake pops," she said.

Other stalls that the students choose to run included sausage sizzle, waffles, and loaded fries, and the delicious Wonka cupcakes were a hit with staff members too.

"Overall, Bizday was a time-consuming assignment, but it gave students a look inside at what it's really like to own a business. As a class, we can all agree that we had a lot of fun preparing for Biz Day, and by the end of the event, it was a very rewarding feeling. 

"I would definitely recommend any upcoming Year 8s to choose Young Entrepreneurs for next year, it expands your knowledge on everything in the world of entrepreneurship,“ stated Mary Diaz