Biz Day Makes a Comeback


Biz Day has been a favourite annual tradition at King's that gives Year 9 Business students the chance to put their enterprise skills to the test. After a two-year break due to food service restrictions, Biz Day made an exciting return this year. On Tuesday, 23 August, our budding entrepreneurs buzzed around the oval setting up their 'shop' fronts, installing their 'kitchens' or activity zones, and displaying their marketing materials. Following weeks of careful planning and collaborating on their Biz Day project, the High School Oval and Tennis Courts became a marketplace during break times where our Year 9 'business owners' served their happy customers.

Delicious aromas, colourful branding and noisy spruikers enticed the crowds and helped our Year 9 students generate revenue in their stalls. From churros, to frappes, fairy floss, sweet pizzas, bubble tea, cookies, and more, our younger students enjoyed sampling all the quality produce on offer. Other groups preferred to sell an experience and some of the most popular were 'soak the teacher' and 'spin to win' games. Back in the classroom, students are now completing their financial statements, allocating 10 percent of their profits to charity and splitting the remaining profits among their group members.

Well done students - it was wonderful to see our future business leaders in the making!