Biz Day Success


Seth Godin wrote, “There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them.” –  Writer and former dot-com businessman, Godin is saying that talk is cheap, but in a nicer way. Yes, ideas are a dime a dozen, but the real meat on those bones come from trying to realize them. It is only then that the problems show up and the real work of resolving them starts.

The Year 9 Young entrepreneurs class took their ideas and worked through ways of making them a reality as they set up their market stall business for the inaugural Pimpama campus Biz Day on Wednesday 31st August.  Ideas were translated in a myriad of tasty treats for the high school students and staff to purchase for a very special lunchtime extravaganza.  The day was a huge success thanks to the hard work of the class and their teacher Mrs Inge De Kock.  Bring on Biz Day 2023.

Brendon Schweitzer
Head of Department - Arts, Humanities, HPE and Technologies.