Boxing Program on Offer at Lunchtime


Every Wednesday at the first break one of our King's Chaplains, Hannah Hynes, runs a girl's boxing program called 'Break and Box'.

This program has been running all term and has been a great source of enjoyment for our Year 4 and Year 5 girls.  They meet every week near the jumping pillow with anticipation of learning new skills and discipline in the art of boxing. The girls also cover topics including teamwork, perseverance and how to get back up again when life is tough. 

Likewise, Luke De Vlieg, one of our male chaplains, has been running Boot Camp club every Wednesday morning outside the HUB from 8 am for our Year 4 boys. The boys learn how to train both mind and body to develop self-control and calmness of mind under pressure. 

Both these clubs are available and open to the Year levels mentioned above, So if your child would like to participate then they can come along on the day and join in the fun!