Bravo to the Casts in the 1920's "Whodunit" Murder at the Manor


If you missed the 1920s disastrously delightful murder mystery “whodunit” Murder at the Manor, you missed an excellent show!  Congratulations to both casts for their outstanding, hilarious and highly entertaining acting skills in the mayhem of putting on a theatre production.  Exceptional choreography, patience and directing by the performing arts teachers saw the actors deliver lines and perform slapstick with precise timing.  This show was a technical masterpiece of physical comedy that had the audience laughing at their tables.  You brought the house down!  Thank you to the Industrial Design and Technology Department for the set design and installation as well as the sound team, marketing and other staff for their assistance with the set-up.

And in case you missed it, the plot went like this… it included an unconscious fiancé, a victim who won't play dead, a leading detective, and a bumbling butler (among many others) who battled against technical disturbances, forgotten lines, and falling furniture in a strive to arrive all in one piece at the final curtain call.

See a selection of photographs from the two shows below