Capture the Flag for House Points


During Term 1, High School teachers got students involved in lunchtime activities as a way to build friendships and, in the process, earn points for their House that will go towards the Principal's Cup trophy.  Points will count from Term 2.

For the first House event, a mix of students from the various houses competed in the first in a series of Capture the Flag type events on Tuesday 15 March.  Tyler Lama was a stand out for his team and scored for the team.

The aim of the Capture the Flag events is to steal each other's flag - it's a Best of 3 Matches to see who wins.

A time limit is set for the event and it works like this:
If the time limit reaches zero and no team has stolen a flag then the winning team will be the team with the least players in the prison. If you are tagged on the other team's side you now need to go to the prison located at the back of their half. You can save your team in the prison by running into the prison without being tagged, this will free all of your prisoners.

"These events are all about getting the students to be competitive and trying to promote physical activity, house spirit and participation," said Mr James Coles. 

"Other events that will add points to the Principal's Cup include a basketball shootout competition to see who can be accurate under pressure and the tug of war."

"Our Year 7 students had the biggest turnout of students on the day.  It was awesome to see them all getting involved. They had double the number than the other high school year level," said Mr Coles.

Rayleigh and Newton had the biggest turnout of students at the first event.