City's Botanical Gardens Becomes Best Classroom Experience


On Monday, 15 May, the Year 5 cohort gathered their bags to enjoy an exciting adventure to the Gold Coast Regional Botanical Gardens. Within each Year 5 class, students were placed into Project Based Learning (PBL)  Groups. Each group was assigned one of 6 Environmental Factors (Sustainability, God-made Factors, Man-made Factors, Indigenous Connection, Plants & Animals). Students in each group were given the opportunity to vlog (film) about their Environmental Factors in the Botanical Gardens as part of their learning for Integrated Studies. 

"I really enjoyed the beautiful scenery of lakes and trees surrounding us and there were amazing animals living in their habitats. We all learned many things during the excursion, but the most interesting fact I learned was that only male stick insects can fly, although female stick insects have wings, they can’t fly. During the middle of our excursion, we had a tour guide educator from Natura Pacific, and she talked about nature as we walked through and around the Botanical Gardens. She also spoke about Animal Adaptations, which we have been learning about in class. We are so grateful to have spent our day learning about environmental factors and animal adaptations in such a fun and exciting way," said Mokthika Sathiya Moorthy from 5PC