Class of 2002 - 20 Year Reunion

Alumni Class Of 2002

It was amazing to welcome 21 Alumni from the Class of 2002 to our 20-year reunion gathering. Some past students are still Gold Coast residents who see each other regularly, while others travelled in for the day from Brisbane and surrounding suburbs. We even had one alumnus travel from Melbourne to catch up with their long-time friends.  

King's staff, Mr Glenn Maleham and Mr Ian Roberson, led a tour of the school, starting from KTTC. One of the attending alumni who is now a carpenter commented that he wished KTTC was offered when he was a student. Our alumni who had not seen the campus since they graduated in 2002 were fascinated by the changes, including the new Year 4 building, The Hub, Math Matrix and the English Block. There was also great excitement at seeing the expansive Sports Centre and Gymnasium, which was just a dirt patch when they were at King's. The group spent extra time milling over the names on the honours boards that adorn the walls of the Sports Centre. There was laughter and reminiscence at seeing the back ovals which brought up vivid memories of clearing the grounds to help turn them into playing fields. A handful of the group members are now parents of current King's students and while they may be familiar with the College today, they still enjoyed the walk down 'memory lane.'

Once the tour was over, King's had organised a lunch at Trace Cafe in Mudgeeraba for the group and it was great to have many attend the informal function to relax and catch up.