Cross Country Carnival 2023


On a hot Tuesday, 28 March, we ran back-to-back the Years 3-6 and 7-11 Cross Country Carnivals at Gainsborough Greens Parklands. Students competed for their House and for a coveted position on the school team to compete at the Hinterland District carnival, which will be announced on the holidays. These students will represent the College on Wednesday, 3 May, at TSS.

We are so proud of our students for their perseverance, giving 100% until they reached the finish line. Our winning House will be announced in Term 2. The Suspense!!!! 

Primary School Cross Country

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Congratulations to the following primary students who took out Age Champion:

8yr Girls
1st Age ChampionHaven ChigumiraRayleigh
2nd Age ChampionValentina Cortes RodriguezFinney
3rd Age ChampionFia LaborteFinney
8yr Boys
1st Age ChampionEthan PhilemonTyndale
2nd Age ChampionMac ToddNewton
3rd Age ChampionIsaiah DaviesFinney
9yr Girls
1st Age ChampionChloe GurrNewton
2nd Age ChampionBailey AllenTyndale
3rd Age ChampionEvangeline DaawaniNewton
9yr Boys
1st Age ChampionLincoln FrancisFinney
2nd Age ChampionAlex LinesRayleigh
3rd Age ChampionAlec de LautourFinney
10yr Girls
1st Age ChampionLacey GrahamRayleigh
2nd Age ChampionDannie PlatonTyndale
3rd Age ChampionAllyvia FlaciaRayleigh
10yr Boys
1st Age ChampionJesse DescroizllesTyndale
2nd Age ChampionHarrison MinchevRayleigh
3rd Age ChampionCaleb TaylorTyndale
11yr Girls
1st Age ChampionLucy DoyleNewton
2nd Age ChampionIsabelle MansfieldFinney
3rd Age ChampionKoa SouthTyndale
11yr Boys
1st Age ChampionArcher ElsleyFinney
2nd Age ChampionTian SmitTyndale
3rd Age ChampionHarry TobinFinney
12yr Girls
1st Age ChampionSophia MantokoudisTyndale
2nd Age ChampionChloe BreebaartFinney
3rd Age ChampionKatherine Cortes RodriguezFinney
12yr Boys
1st Age ChampionKingston VayRayleigh
2nd Age ChampionHamish CambelleRayleigh
3rd Age ChampionWilliam McEwanRayleigh

High School Cross Country

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Congratulations to the following high school students who took out Age Champion:

12yr Girls

1st Age Champion Chloe KelkFinney
2nd Age ChampionAnneliese HardmanFinney
3rd Age ChampionAeisha BoestamiFinney
12yr Boys
1st Age ChampionJacob TunbridgeTyndale
2nd Age ChampionBrandon TanNewton
3rd Age ChampionHarry SchierTyndale
13yr Girls
1st Age ChampionPayton ChannellNewton
2nd Age ChampionMia WuFinney
3rd Age ChampionCharliee OwensRayleigh
13yr Boys
1st Age ChampionRiley MulfordTyndale
2nd Age ChampionReuben CaryTyndale
3rd Age ChampionMarcus MarziniFinney
14yr Girls
1st Age ChampionKira KaiserFinney
2nd Age Champion
Kayleigh Erasmus
3rd Age ChampionAnnabelle MalpassNewton
14yr Boys
1st Age ChampionJacob HankinsonRayleigh
2nd Age ChampionJames BowersTyndale
3rd Age ChampionElias FlanciaRayleigh
15yr Girls
1st Age ChampionJustine PlatonTyndale
2nd Age ChampionEmily WhiteFinney
3rd Age ChampionSiena BeyanFinney
15yr Boys
1st Age ChampionSlater LivelyRayleigh
2nd Age ChampionChristian PretoriusRayleigh
3rd Age ChampionCooper MorrisNewton
16yr Girls
1st Age ChampionSarah PhipsonTyndale
2nd Age ChampionNeet ShergillNewton
3rd Age ChampionDeep ShergillNewton
16yr Boys
1st Age ChampionElijah ElsayedFinney
2nd Age ChampionRyan SolomonFinney
3rd Age ChampionEmmanuel Mina Montalvo WuRayleigh
17yr Girls
1st Age ChampionAyla GaratyFinney
2nd Age ChampionLily PetherickNewton
3rd Age ChampionEmily ClarkNewton
17yr Boys
1st Age ChampionKristian MeuwesenFinney
2nd Age ChampionJunsei EsakaRayleigh
3rd Age Champion
Josiah Drury

Mr Joshua Sinclair
Director of Sport