Pimpama Cross Country Events for 2021


After several weeks of inclement weather, God blessed us with fantastic conditions for this year’s cross country carnivals. Running back-to-back, the Year 3-6 and the high school carnival started and finished on the school’s top field. Students competed for their house and for a coveted position on the school team to compete at the District Carnival.

All the 12-year-olds, from both Primary and High School, competed together in the Year 3-6 event, with their points contributing to the Primary Carnival results.

Primary School Carnival

Congratulations Finney, taking out 1st place with 2842 points!

2nd - Tyndale 2458 points

3rd - Rayleigh2347 points

4th - Newton 2228 points

Congratulations to the following students who took out Age Champion in the Primary Carnival:

 Age 8 Girls
Mila GreenTyndale
Second Kristine LeeFinney
Third Hailey TunbridgeTyndale
Age 8 Boys
First Jesse DescroizillesTyndale
SecondTyson SchmidtFinney
ThirdJayden FarcauRayleigh
Age 9 Girls
FirstIsabelle MansfieldFinney
SecondJaylee MunnFinney
ThirdHannah BrittonRayleigh
Age 9 Boys
FirstNoah GhabilihaRayleigh
Second Malachi FrancisRayleigh
ThirdKian MeuwesenFinney
Age 10 Girls
First Ellie MarisTyndale
SecondSophia MantokoudisTyndale
ThirdAeisha BoestamiFinney
Age 10 Boys
FirstAngus HamiltonRayleigh
SecondBronson GeorgeTyndale
ThirdMax Reid Newton
Age 11 Girls
FirstPayton ChannellNewton
SecondRuby-Louise SplattTyndale
ThirdKiara Van DeventerTyndale
Age 11 Boys
FirstJoshua PhipsonTyndale
SecondRiley MulfordTyndale
ThirdMoses ReddropFinney
Age 12 Girls
FirstOlivia JamiesonNewton
SecondElliott ReedFinney
ThirdMyra EspaniaRayleigh
Age 12 Boys
FirstZach RankinRayleigh
Second Jacob HankinsonRayleigh
ThirdMason MowerTyndale
Primary Cross Country Carnival Photos

High School Carnival

Congratulations Rayleigh! Taking out 1st place with 1500 points.

2nd - Finney 1445 points

3rd - Newton 1106 points

4th - Tyndale 901 points

Congratulations to the following students who took out Age Champion.

Age 13 Girls

First:Ava MarisTyndale
Second:Mia CaldwellRayleigh
Third:Ulalei SioFinney
Age 13 BoysNewton
First:Bryan IkizakubuntuNewton
Second:Kaydden BaylisNewton
Third:Reuben MorrowRayleigh
Age 14 Girls
First:Sarah PhipsonTyndale
Second:Naomi SweeneyNewton
Third:Ella BurdenTyndale
Age 14 Boys
First:Elijay ElsayedFinney
Second:Samuel BrownFinney
Third:Ryan FarcauRayleigh
Age 15 Girls
First:Lily PetherickNewton
Second:Ayla GreenFinney
Third:Emily ClarkNewton
Age 15 Boys
First:Kristian MeuwesenFinney
Second:Junsei EsakaRayleigh
Third:Joshua DayFinney

King’s Hinterland District team will comprise the top five finishing positions in the 10 year to 15 year age groups. These students will represent the College at the Hinterland Cross Country on Tuesday 4 May.

High School Cross Country Carnival Photos