Dancing For A Star


Year 2 student and rising ballerina, Sienna Goarin, had the opportunity with her sister and dancing studio to dance for a former ballerina, who had recently turned 105, at her nursing home.  This is her story...

"Today myself and my sister Amelie, my dance friends and teachers visited a nursing home. We drove to a nursing home in Burleigh.  It was Victoria's birthday.  She was turning 105!!!  Myself and my dance friends performed a few special dance routines. Victoria and the other old residents have lived for a long long time.  Victoria was a ballerina in the Russich (sic) ballet before World War Two (WW2).  We gave flowers for her birthday and did two dances. These were classical ballet and a jazz dance.  I felt so good and it was amazing to dance for her.  It made me feel so happy and good inside.  I'm so extremely happy I did it."

Sienna Goarin