Emerging Young Women Leaders Business Skills Masterclass

Southern Cross University Emerging Young Women Leaders Business Skills Masterclass

On Tuesday, 10 August, six Year 11 female students were provided with the opportunity to attend the Emerging Young Women Leaders Business Skills Masterclass at Southern Cross University (SCU). Here we met and picked the brains of some of the most successful and experienced women in their respective fields, more specifically in regard to future career advice, the importance of connecting, and the necessary devotion required in the workforce. In such a new environment, the students were pleased to be greeted by Candice Richards who is both a previous Kings student and aspiring Occupational Therapist at SCU. Not only did she provide us with insightful information about her course but delivered an inspiring speech on life after high school and the potential out in the world. Among the rest of the panel, was the previous CEO of Bodyscience International Pty Ltd: Sheree Young, and 5-time record holder and climate change activist Lisa Blair. Despite all these women having different experiences, each of them had valuable lessons and advice to give, opening themselves up to any questions our group had. Here are some lessons and advice we took away: 

Ane Van Zyl: ‘I found this experience really rewarding. I learned valuable lessons about perseverance, courage, and determination that I will take with me as I progress through life. I’m grateful for the opportunity that we were given to hear from such inspiring women and that we were pushed to step out of our comfort zones and take a leap towards becoming better leaders.’

Deep Shergill: ‘The event organised by Southern Cross University was a very rewarding and thought-proving experience. It was an amazing opportunity to hear some of the country’s exceptional and inspiring women in leadership. The guest speakers spoke about their success stories, empowering various young women like me to step out of our comfort zones and never miss any opportunity given.”

Kaela Pearson: ‘This experience inspired me to step beyond my comfort zone, unveiling the incredible opportunities that exist in the world. In a remarkable setting, surrounded by inspirational guest speakers and empowering women, we were shown that we possess the potential to build our own empires, explore the world, or even break world records. That the world is at our feet, that we just have to keep failing forward. 

Lily Petherick: ‘I found this experience very eye-opening. It made me think about myself as a leader and challenged me to get out of my comfort zone. I learned valuable lessons from all of the speakers and was inspired to make the most of life and the opportunities that I am given.’

Neet Shergill: ‘This event is such an amazing experience and I am very grateful to have been offered the opportunity to attend it. All of the guest speakers were such incredible and successful women. It was interesting to hear about their success stories and the struggles they went through to make a name in the working sector. The workshops encouraged everyone to take a step outside their comfort zones. I have learned such valuable lessons about women’s leadership, confidence, courage, and perseverance.’

It was truly a memorable experience and a privilege to meet such esteemed women who are working diligently to positively impact and influence the future generation of leaders. I’m certain everyone left just that little bit more inspired.

Anika Heng - Year 11 student