Year 5's Explore Local Native Biomes


Our Year 5 classes recently embarked on exciting excursions to focus on various local biomes. The interactive learning experience allowed them to immerse themselves in the natural world while fostering teamwork and creativity. The highlight of these excursions was the production of a collaborative video showcasing their newfound knowledge and skills.

5RA and 5RB headed to Jellurgal Walkabout in Burleigh Heads where the iconic coastal location provided the perfect place for students to learn about the unique flora and fauna found in the conservation site. 5RC and 5RD travelled to the picturesque Hinterland Regional Park in Mudgeeraba where they ventured into the woodlands that make up the natural biome and eagerly investigated the God-made factors that shape its ecosystem. 5RE and 5RF visited the Gold Coast Regional Botanical Gardens to enjoy the green oasis and study the stunning array of plants. Before the trip, students had worked in small groups to draft a storyboard and plan a two-minute video, which would showcase a chosen focus area from one of these topics: 

  • God-made or man-made factors
  • Sustainability
  • Indigenous connection
  • Plants or animals

During the excursion, students were armed with iPads and a sense of curiosity to capture footage that documented their unique environment. They were assigned roles to help them produce the video effectively, and their collaboration and creativity was exceptional. Once the short videos are completed, they will be combined to produce a class video which will be presented during a special screening at the end of Term 2. Throughout this authentic learning task, students have developed skills such as research, teamwork, communication and technological proficiency. They have gained a greater appreciation for the outdoors and an understanding of the delicate balance between nature and human interaction.