Fishers of Men at Fraser Island


During the last week of Term, most students (and teachers) wish they were on a large tropical island somewhere, spending their days going up and down the beaches, throwing a line in to catch some dinner, or even taking a relaxing dip. For 10 boys and 4 male teachers, this actually happened for Term 3. 

On the first day, our team travelled the four hours up the coast to the barge at Inskip Point, where spirits were high. As we pulled over to let our tires down for the sand, it became suddenly very real, and as we alighted onto the island, Mr Verreynne's lead car wasted no time in accelerating up the sand, headed for our base at Cathedrals campsite. Mr Francis and Mr Miles eventually caught up to him in their cars...
We only had time to establish camp and make dinner, then it was time for devotions, run very well by Mr Coles.

Our first morning was spent at Lake Mackenzie, where we met the girls' Noosa team for some swimming and beach cricket. The goannas at the BBQ lunch site were fearless, with one even trying to taste Rocco's foot! The track inland was great fun for the 4wds. The rest of the day was spent fishing, with Pastor Simon Sweeney firmly establishing himself as the master fisherman, and Jamie Nicholson leading the way for the students.

The next few days were spent fishing, travelling, sightseeing and more fishing into the evening. Mr Miles and Mr Francis both led devotions on those nights, bringing a word of manhood and independence to the young men around the fire. The Holy Spirit was definitely with us in those moments, and more than a few were moved to respond. The last night saw the team join with the group from Reedy Creek campus, who were there at the same time, with Mr Jenkins giving a stirring devotion to everyone. 

On the last morning, with lots of memories and more than a few fish caught, we struck camp and headed out early for the long drive home. The boys were sandy, exhausted and thrilled, hungry for next year when they might apply to come back. Special mention to Henry Titman of Year 9, for winning the biggest fish award, and Team Cougar - Mr Verreynne, Simon Sweeney, Jason Gombos, Jamie Nicholson and Elijah Elsayed - for most fish.