Great Start to Prep


What a fantastic start to Prep we have had this year! The students were so excited when they came in on Wednesday morning, many telling parents they could go, after only a few minutes in. I did notice we had a few more sad and emotional parents this year, not wanting to leave. The day went by so fast with so many new and exciting activities to cram into one day. It was wonderful not having the rest of the school present on the same day, as this meant we were able to go for a tour around the school showing the students where they will be going for specialist lessons as well as where to play and reiterating the playground rules. 

We had our traditional first day of school photos taking outside at the lion. This is a wonderful momento that families can treasure for years to come. We are so excited for the year ahead and looking forward to observing the growth that will take place this year. Here’s to a wonderful, action-packed 2021. 

Please remember if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child and their first year of school, do not hesitate to contact the class teacher on their school email.

Mrs Maire Bruneau
Prep Lead Teacher