High School Assessment Schedules


Years 7-12 Assessment Schedules

Assessment Schedules have now been posted on Compass for all High School year levels. Years 7 - 11 schedules are for Semester 1 (Terms 1 & 2) whereas the Year 12 Assessment Schedule is for the whole year. To find the Assessment Schedule, your child can click on the “My Learning” tile found on each student’s Compass dashboard.

Assessment due dates are also visible on every student's calendar in the Compass App (My Student > Calendar). The Assessment Schedules show the academic week in which an assessment piece is due, but the actual day is shown on student calendars and class pages. Please note: except in the case of practical assessments or exams, assessment pieces are due at 8.30am on the due date.

It is always very helpful for students to look ahead at their Assessment Schedule so that they can easily see an overview of what is due when. We encourage you to look at the schedule and discuss due dates with your child. You might like to print the schedule and place it somewhere prominent in your home.

Example Assessment Schedule