High School Community Update | TERM 3


King's high school teachers have warmly welcomed students back for what promises to be an action-packed Term 3. We hope all families enjoyed their break and were able to spend some precious time with friends and family. This term, we are excited to welcome 17 new students to our high school community and are so pleased these families have chosen King’s for their education. We pray these new students are already feeling settled into their classes and starting to make friends. 

School Reports

During the holidays, Semester One Academic Reports were released for all parents of Years 7 - 10 students. We encourage parents to discuss the school reports at home, and assist their children in setting some goals around diligence, seeking and responding to feedback, and grades for Semester Two. Year 11 and 12 received an End of Unit Report at the conclusion of Term 1, followed by results directly released via Compass throughout Terms 2 and 3. Again, it is very helpful to take some time to look at your child’s results and discuss their progress.

Partnership Evening via Zoom

Our Partnership Evening was a great opportunity for teacher and parent conversations about students, and their academic endeavours. These online discussions enabled parents to ask questions about progress, learn about upcoming assessment and get ideas about how their child could improve.

Does your child have questions about homework or assignments? 

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Tips for Term 3 

Feeling fresh and organised right from the beginning of term will stand students in good stead. Here are a few tips that might help students feel more prepared and ready to tackle Term 3 with confidence:

  1. Set up a study routine - Never underestimate the value of a routine, especially when it comes to school work and study time. Try to set aside a specific time for learning and revision and stick to it if possible.
  2. Set positive, realistic goals for the term - Setting goals helps students to stay focused and be intentional about their learning.
  3. Find a good study space - Creating a designated area for study, helps with focused learning and limits distractions.
  4. Save, discuss and display the Assessment Schedule - The assessment schedule is available under the MyStudy tile on Compass. On the days students don’t have much homework, encourage them to work on tasks due in future weeks and their workload will feel more manageable.

Semester Two Learning Highlights

YEAR 12- Last term of classroom learning
- Students should be conducting regular revision of course material
- Trial exams: Week 9
- Detailed revision: Term 4, Weeks 1 and 2
- Study Week: Term 4, Week 3
- External Exams: Term 4, Weeks 4 - 7
YEAR 11- Final term studying the Year 11 course
- Students should be revising in preparation for end of term exams
- Exam Block for all General subjects (excluding Food & Nutrition/ Engineering): Week 8
- Commence Year 12 course immediately after exam block
- Continue Year 12 course: Term 4, Week 1
YEAR 10- Last term studying Year 10 course material
- Students should be conducting regular revision of course material
- Most subjects will have an end of course exam during Exam Block
- Commence Year 11 course immediately after exam block
YEAR 9- Students considering future career and planning their intended Pathways at King’s
- Subject Selection Evening (online, webinar style): Thursday 29 July.
Students and parents are encouraged to attend online, explore Compass pages and discuss choices
- Students will select Year 10 subjects via an online form (coming in Term 3)
- Cairns Tour - Week 6
YEAR 8- Students commenced their new rotations subjects for Term 3
- Early Term 3 students will need to consider which two elective subjects they would like to study for Year 9 in 2022
- Parents and students are encouraged to explore the Year 9 Subject Information page on Compass
- Students will select Year 9 elective subjects via an online form (coming in Term 3)
YEAR 7- Students commenced their new rotations subjects for Term 3
- Lots of exciting learning activities in class