High School Honours Term 1, 2022


Each semester students are recognised for their hard work, commitment and diligence to their studies.

High School recognised students' success in the areas of Academic, Cultural and School Enhancement (Performing Arts & Service).  Honours Badges were awarded at Teal, Bronze, Silver and Gold levels, as determined by the College's Honours Criteria. 

Cultural Honours recognise those students who have consistently pursued their passion in the Creative and Performing Arts which included involvement in Mary Poppins, 2021 Performance Night and Music.

In the College Enhancement category honours are awarded to students who represented the College and contribute to advances in various fields, including but not limited to:

  • King’s LIFE program which includes Missions, Outreach and Service, Media Team

  • External Competitions include Debating.

A special mention to David Contador, Chanelle Latour, Emanuel Ferisa, Kristian Meuwesen, Jody Samuels and Lily Prodger for receiving the Gold Award in College Enhancement Honours for Service in a combination of the following areas; Chapel Band/ Production, Church Service, Media Team and St George Mission.

Congratulations to the recipients on their outstanding achievements.

Years 8 & 9 Honours Awards

Years 8-9 Honours Recipients

Year 10 Honours Awards & Cultural Awards 

Year 10 Honours Recipients