High School's 2022 Christmas Fundraiser


The Amphitheatre precinct was awash with all things merry and bright on Thursday, 13 October, as the High School LIFE team ran their final missions fundraising event for 2022. With our Year 12s about to depart for final exams and the Christmas season looming, our High School community brought their festive spirits to help raise funds for King's Community Care. Every year, the charity distributes hundreds of amazing food hampers to families in need for Christmas and the College is privileged to contribute to this valuable project. King's LIFE team always put the fun in fundraising, and this event was no different... complete with a Christmas treats competition, 'best-dressed' awards, live student performances, larger-than-life Christmas decorations and a lunchtime sausage sizzle. The important message at the heart of this event (and our entire LIFE program) was to show love to those in need, as we put our Foundational Values of compassion and humility into practice. Special thanks to our dedicated High School LIFE team who worked hard throughout the year, using their time and talents to help run our missions program and raise record amounts for King's charity Mission partners.

Best Dressed Winners

  1. Sunday Gray - Olaf, the Snowman
  2. Skye Doran, Amy Sasaki-Rogers & YoonSeo Jung - Candy Cane Crush
  3. Mr Alistair Davis & Mr Jordan Vincent - Reindeer and Santa

Christmas Treats Competition

Prior to the event, our expert panel of judges perused over the amazing array of entries for the Christmas Treat competition. With so many colourful Christmas-themed creations from our High School students, it was difficult to pick the winners and in the end, it all came down to taste. The treats were then sold to staff and students during the lunchtime event on Thursday to help with our fundraising efforts. Thank you to our high school families for your generous contributions of delicious baked goods.

Christmas Treat Winners

  1. Sophie Kay & Live Evans - Christmas tree of chocolate balls & gingerbread men
  2. Jessica Melo & Amelia Hart - Grinch cupcakes
  3. Kar Van der Walt - Chocolate cupcakes mini marshmallows and candy canes

Congratulations to our Best Dressed and Christmas Treat competition winners!