High Standard of Work Produced by Year 6 Students Culminating Event


For PBL this term, our Year 6 students looked at the driving question, "What impact does the Government have on our Australian society?"

The students researched Australia from Federation in 1901 all the way through to present day, identifying how governing laws and events have shaped our Australian society. 

For writing, they wrote a biography about an influential leader. Some chose a Prime Minister, others chose someone who made a change at that time.

For technologies, the students created interactive user interfaces, just like what you see in Museums. They used keynote and linked buttons and made animations for people to learn more about their particular decade.

For the culminating event, Year 6 held a LIVE MUSEUM TIMELINE where people visited and physically walked through Australia's history, learning about the events and people who have influenced Australia.

We had special guests, MP Michael Crandon and Div 1 Cnr Mark Hammel visit and they were blown away by the standard of work the students produced.

Well done, students!

Mrs Renee Sanson