Semester 1 Honours Awards 2023


Every semester at King's, High School students are recognised and rewarded for their commitment to their studies and extracurricular pursuits during our formal Honours Assemblies. Our Honours categories include Academic, Cultural and School Enhancement (Performing Arts & Service) and Honours Badges are awarded at Teal, Bronze, Silver and Gold levels, as determined by the College's Honours Criteria. Throughout Week 7 of Term 3, all of our year levels in High School celebrated these outstanding achievements during three Honours Assemblies, and we welcomed many King's family members and friends to witness the presentations of these awards. We believe that God has given us all a unique combination of gifts and talents and the ability to work hard to succeed in our chosen endeavours. These events were evidence of this and celebrated the culmination of our student's efforts. Congratulations students on your continued pursuit of excellence!

These awards were from students' successful endeavours in Semester 1, 2023. 

Year 7 & 8 Honours Awards Year 9 & 10 Honours Awards Year 11 & 12 Honours Awards