How to Make Good Subject Choices

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Every student has unique interests and talents, and so King's provides many opportunities to explore a range of subjects in Years 7 - 10 so that students can be confident with their final subject selections for Years 11 and 12. 

Years 7 - 10 students have the chance to explore their creative sides, immerse themselves in another language, conduct new science experiments, engage in the diverse world of technology and innovation, and more! We encourage parents to spend time exploring subject information available on Compass. Your child can point you to their Year Level page where you can select My Study > Changing Subjects to see information and links to videos about each subject. It’s important to investigate what each subject is about and what is expected at senior level before students make decisions to remain in, or change a subject. 

Subject Changes in High School

Before rushing off to request a subject change, students should consider that a short stint in a subject is not enough time to get a good grasp on what it's really all about. Students must ‘give it a go’ before opting for a change. We suggest they have constructive conversations with their parents, teachers, peers or older students in their PC class about subjects they are considering. PC peers offer valuable and recent insights about course content, skills learned and the demands of senior subjects. If a student still really wants to change after giving it a decent try, they must book an interview with Ms Lean. She will ask about their intended pathway beyond school to make sure that any changes complement their plans.  

"But none of my friends are in my class!"...

Your child might offer this as their reason for swapping subjects. We encourage them to stick with this subject as this is a great opportunity to make new friends, establish other connections and learn new things. It’s bound to be beneficial in some way - no learning is ever lost! 

"I have no idea what I want to do in the future!"...

In their 'Set for Success' lessons, students investigate their learning styles, their interests, and look ahead at actual career events. Lessons are designed to ensure they are well informed when it comes time to make decisions about subject selections and future pathways. Students should chat about their career ideas at home too, as family discussions provide valuable insights as students navigate their thinking about pathways beyond High School. 

Changing subjects in Year 11 or 12

It’s very important for students to undertake their subject research and complete the SET-plan in Year 10, so that they are in the right subjects for their final two years of school study. Senior subject selection requires careful consideration, and includes an understanding of which compulsory subjects might be required to achieve their Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE), and to be eligible for certain university/TAFE courses or trade options. Changing subjects in Year 11 or 12 can have an adverse impact on the accumulation of points required for the QCE (20 points); therefore, it is important to minimise any subject change. Students can risk their QCE and ATAR by changing subjects. 

We hope this article helps equip parents as you navigate subject discussions with your children.