Important Upcoming Sessions with Dr Coulson


Some of you may remember Dr Justin Coulson from our student and parent seminars last year, or more recently from his starring role in the popular TV series ‘Parental Guidance.’ As a parenting expert, with a PhD in Psychology, several published books to his name, and his successful Happy Families website, Dr Coulson has been working hard to help parents in many practical ways. We are blessed to welcome Dr Coulson back to King’s this year where he will come and share some great advice with our High School students in Term 2. 

We also have some other exciting sessions coming up for our King’s parents that we want to let you know about:

Live Parenting Session with Dr Coulson

On Wednesday, 20 April 2022, from 7pm – 8.30pm, Dr Coulson will be hosting a free live session for our King’s community. We encourage parents to come and hear from this engaging communicator on the topic of setting healthy expectations for your child’s school success. Our senior King’s staff will also be at this event and available afterwards to chat with parents.

About the Session
"When our children are young, we are thrilled at their developmental achievements. We're convinced they'll grow up to change the world. Our expectations are high. As they grow, our expectations help some of them lift while others struggle. Why is that? Is it them? Us? A combination of both? And sometimes, even when we don't apply pressure or expectations, our children stagger under the weight of their own desires for perfection. How do we support them through their self-imposed perfectionism? This presentation is for every parent who wants the best for their child at school. We'll explore effective strategies to reduce perfectionistic tendencies in our children - and in ourselves - and consider ways to encourage our children to take risks, make mistakes, and become more resilient and adaptive in the face of academic, social, physical, and psychological challenges."


Bringing Up Boys Summit - Wednesday, 6 April

The Bringing up Boys Summit, presented by Happy Families, is about one thing: taking you into your son’s world and helping you connect with him in the way he needs you to. Ultimately, you won’t just find solutions to help your son through friendship breakdowns, the lure of drugs, anxiety and other mental health issues, or even the life-changing process of puberty. You’ll find ways to rekindle the connection you both want… and both need. Dr Coulson and the 12 raising boys experts presenting at this Summit will bring their research, study and expertise to guide parents through the world of raising boys, and helping you rekindle this important connection. Cost $199 includes ongoing access to the Summit presentations.