Important Year 8 and 9 Programs


In the last week of Term 2, Year 9 students will participate in two exciting programs over two days. These will take place on the 16 - 17 June and are designed to assist students with preparation for their senior schooling. 

1. The ‘I Focus’ Program
The I Focus program will address subject selection and future-focussed development activities, providing students with insights into possible career options while guiding them through the subjects they should select for senior schooling. Students will be asked to consider what subjects they wish to study in senior school to benefit their post school plans. Subject Heads of Department will give a brief overview of the knowledge and skills developed in each subject, and students will discover how to choose senior subjects to meet their future goals.

2. The ‘Step-Up’ Program
The Step-Up program is delivered by Unleashing Personal Potential (UPP). The program is aimed at preparing the students for senior schooling and has been designed to help students become their best. Step-Up equips students with the tools to build a solid foundation for their own success by helping them:
• Develop an understanding of growth mindsets
• Use evidence-based practices for setting goals
• Establish and nurture healthy relationships.

It is imperative that all students attend both days to get the most value out of the programs. This stage of their compulsory schooling can be a stressful time for some students, and the programs will equip them with some skills and knowledge to manage the challenging yet rewarding years ahead.

In the Year 7 and 8 rotations, students have had the opportunity to get a ‘taste’ of a wide variety of subjects. Early in Term 3, Year 8 students will be given the opportunity to select subjects for Year 9. Students should choose subjects they have enjoyed and succeeded with, and those they would like to increase their skills and knowledge in. There are also subjects offered that they have not encountered yet, and they may want to explore these.  

The best advice for choosing subjects is to research what each subject entails. This can be done by looking at the subject information on Compass or speaking with subject teachers to get a clear idea of what is involved. Students are encouraged to choose subjects they enjoy, which increases motivation and makes completing the coursework less demanding. The most important advice for students is that they do NOT just choose a subject because their friend is doing it, because they liked the teacher, or because it appears easy. Careful consideration of this choice is vital because classes may fill up and means that moving between electives into another subject is not always possible.