King's 2021 Alumni | Naoise Kavanagh


Naoise Kavanagh joined our King's community in High School where she quickly learned effective study habits which she was able to apply throughout her senior schooling. These habits helped her earn consistently strong grades and a very high ATAR. With her fantastic academic result, Naoise gained entry into the Bachelor of Paramedicine at Griffith, where she is currently enjoying her first year of tertiary study while maintaining her connection to King's as our Year 6 and 7 netball coach. Naoise shared some insights about what helped her succeed and how she made good use of King's free tutoring sessions...

"How did King's help you prepare for your career path?"
"What was the biggest challenge you experienced in Year 12 and how did you overcome it?"
"Were you part of a study group or did you attend the lunch time or after school tutoring sessions?"
"How did you manage your sleep, rest, prayer or relaxation time during Year 12?"
"What advice would you give to current High School students at King’s?"