King’s Chess' Clean Sweep


Term 3 welcomed back Mr Cooke and his return ignited the hearts of our chess students and their passion for the game. On Tuesday, 16 August, 81 King’s primary students competed in the Gold Coast Hinterland Interschool Chess Championships at Clover Hill State School. Players were placed into their allocated divisions, based on skill level with A - D grades. 210 students participated from 15 schools across the region. The day featured some very fierce and intense clashes in A grade where Bryan Yang (Year 6), the current U12 Queensland Chess Champion, exerted his dominance with an unstoppable 7/7 performance on Board 1 for the duration of the day, leading his team to victory.  Darren Lin (Year 6) also displayed true class with an impressive 6.5/7 taking out 2nd place overall and Jayden Smith performed well above his QJ rating at 920! Securing a stellar 3rd place overall. In the teams, it was a clean sweep in A Grade - King’s Team 1 placed 1st, King’s Team 2 placed 2nd and King’s Team 3 placed 3rd, King’s Team 4 placed 4th and King’s Team 6 placed 5th. King’s students certainly proved why the College has such a strong reputation for chess on the Gold Coast. 

A Division


  • 1st Place King’s Team 1 Bryan Yang 7/7, Darren Lin 6.5/7, Levi Ally 5/7, Cohen Alloway 5/7
  • 2nd Place King's Team 2 Joowon Kim 4/7, Harley Miao 4.5/7, Jamie Wang 5/7, Jayden Smith 5.5/7
  • 3rd Place King’s Team 3 Kian Iliuk 4.5/7, Jacob Keelan 4/7, Daniel Gorbachev-Cannizzo 3.5, Bella Zhong 2.5


  • Overall 1st Place: Bryan Yang
  • Overall 2nd Place: Darren Lin
  • Overall 3rd Place: Jayden Smith

Merits - Players scoring 4.5/7 or more - Kian Iliuk, Zach Corser, Harley Miao, Cohen Alloway, Jamie Wang, Levi Al.

B Division


  • 1st Place King’s Team 10 Caleb Ong 6/7, Jacob Crooks 5.5/7, Trinity Broadrick 5/7, Max Taylor 3.5/7
  • 3rd Place King’s Team 9 Aya Ucharatna 4.5, Miles Neatnica 4, Asher Whitaker 3.5, Henry Gartrell 3/7

Individual - 1st Place: Caleb Ong, 3rd Jacob Crooks

C Division

  • Teams - 3rd place King’s Team 15 Timothy Bent 4.5/7, Elijah Arthur 4/7, Lachlan Crooks 4/7, Daniel Rees 3.5/7
  • Merits - Milen Melvin, Ayan Kumar, Timothy Bent, Temujin Zaetta, Oliver Maksimovic

D Division

Merits - Tavita Alaga 4.5/7, Alexa Jacobs 4.5/7, Alexander Smith 4.5/7, Archer Telfar 4.5/7

It was an amazing performance to have King’s teams 1, 2 and 3 finish in 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall. A huge thank you to Mr Jennings and Mrs Tually for accompanying Mr Cooke on the day and Mr Davis and Mrs Payne for their continued support. 

"“I have missed all the students and I’m very proud of the way they played and represented themselves, the College and God- Glad to be back and getting back to great results!” "

High School Chess Results

Congratulations to our King's High School chess students on being the only school to qualify two teams into the Queensland State Chess Teams Championships from the Gold Coast. King’s Team 1 comprised of Micah Young, Jordan Chan, Edwin Choi and Tristan Smith who placed 2nd, while King’s Team 2, including Cooper Whitaker, Woojoon Ki, Kotaro Inukai and William Mehta, placed 4th. Only the top four teams qualify for the State titles, which will be held from Saturday 8 - Sunday 9, October, at Gregory Terrace.  The other qualifying teams were Somerset and TSS, both featuring 1 team each. Best Board 4 Champion of the tournament was Tristan Smith with 6 out of 7. Merits awards for players scoring 4.5 points or more Micah Young, Tristan Smith, Edwin Choi, Woojoon Ki, Kotaro Inukai in the premier division, Daniel Lim and Mitchell Evetts in the A division.

Congratulations to our 20 King's students on an impressive performance. We look forward to seeing our chess students in the Gold Coast Individual Age Championships in Term 4, on Monday, 24 October, at Emmanuel College.

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