King's Exceptional 2022 NAPLAN Results


The 2022 NAPLAN results have recently been released across Australia. We are very proud of our students for performing exceptionally well again this year. King’s NAPLAN results are summarised in the table, via the button below. This summary shows that our College has achieved well above State and National averages in every category, across every year level. Some southern states often record better results than Queensland because their students are six months older (on average) when they sit the NAPLAN test. However, our students have performed well above the averages of all states. Some schools are also ‘selective,’ meaning they enrol students who are predominantly of above-average ability and so would expect to get stronger results. King's is a non-selective school and enrols students from the full breadth of academic ability. We have teaching strategies to help all students do their best, regardless of their ability level, and these results are a testament to this achievement. Congratulations to our hardworking students and our exceptional staff for these strong results!

King's 2022 NAPLAN Results Summary