King's Has Talent Semi-Finalists 2023


The King's Has Talent (KHT) competition has been running for over seven years and gives our primary students the chance to perform their unique talents to an audience of peers and teachers. Every year, our community has been amazed to see the variety and level of skill that students bring to the stage during King's Has Talent and 2023 was certainly no different! Ranging from dramatic speeches, instrumental performances, dance routines, singing and poetry recitals to basketball tricks and more, our student performers all stepped out of their comfort zones and developed greater confidence as they entertained audiences with their God-given skills. Our primary students enthusiastically practised their routines during break times during Term 3, then performed to their classes. From there, our semi-finalists performed during Weeks 7 and 8 of this term and the winners from this round will go into the Grand Finals during Creative By Design week. Well done to all of our KHT semi-finalists for bringing your best to the big stage!

Congratulations 2023 King's Has Talent Semi-Finalists

Year 1
Bowie Groves
Leo Zhong
Indi Crooks
Duke O’Young
Alexander Smith
Wilder Van Rossum
India Vieyra
Year 2
Anastasia Inglis
Ivy Tivinan
Amelia Moot
Ethan Che
Year 3
Summer Pozo
Willow Stack
Lucia Richards
Ruby Dowse
Mila Serfontein
Josie Hatch
Florence Wuest
Year 4 
Kenton Proctor
Lachlan Crooks
Sebastian Richter
Hayden Thompson
Kaylan Van Eeden
Aysha Rehu
James Agahari
Tillie Dobson
Gordon Zhong
Year 5
Angelique Alexander
Shalia Eddie
Meggie DeChhimba
Matilda Wuest
Alana Lim
Maddox Dredge
Zariah King Edeborg
Year 6
Summer Mason
Bianca Nascimento
Lucy Li
Kassia Tezel
Emilio Richards
Aya Ucharatna
Rosie Semaan