King's Hosts Swift Student Coding Challenge Workshop

Digital Technology

The Swift Student Coding Challenge workshop, facilitated by Mr Daniel Woo, took place at King's this week and focused on the exciting world of app development. Rather than simply teaching the group of Year 10 students about the technical aspects of coding, the workshop took a unique approach that emphasised the importance of design thinking. The Swift Student Challenge is an annual event hosted by Apple Inc. as part of their Worldwide Developer’s Conference, where they showcase the work of student developers. As an Apple Distinguished School, we had the privilege of hosting Daniel for this valuable workshop.

Through the design thinking process, students were encouraged to think creatively about their app ideas and to consider the needs and desires of their target audience. As they worked on their designs, they were asked to critique and refine their ideas, using their technical skills to bring their vision to life. Throughout the workshop, Mr Woo provided valuable insights and practical advice on the technical aspects of coding, but always within the context of the design process. For example, when discussing user interface design, he emphasized the importance of creating a seamless user experience that would make the app easy and intuitive. Similarly, when discussing coding best practices, he stressed the importance of writing clean and efficient code that would not only work well but also be easy to maintain and modify as needed.

In the coming weeks, students will have the opportunity to take the ideas they gained from the workshop and further develop them with the help of Mr Woo. During these follow-up sessions, Mr Woo will work closely with the students to help them turn their app designs into reality. He will guide them through the coding process, offering practical advice and technical support to help them overcome any challenges they may face along the way.