King's Instrumental Music Program 2023

Performing Arts

Have you considered instrumental music lessons for your child?

Studies show that learning to read music and play an instrument helps students improve proficiency in mathematics, reading and cognitive development, as well as skills for second-language development. It also helps students increase self-confidence as they perform for an audience, and enjoy other benefits that come from expressing their creative talents. At King's, our Year 4 students receive an instrument and have weekly music lessons as part of our enriched curriculum. We are fortunate to have many dedicated music tutors who are passionate about teaching a variety of instruments and instilling a love of learning music. Our tutors also offer additional private lessons for students of all year levels, to help them advance their instrumental skills, and our participants in this program can also be involved in our school ensembles. King's instrumental music department are excited about 2023 and are currently taking enrolments for private lessons next year. 

The application form below includes more information about the instruments available and the cost for individual or small-group lessons.  The application form is also available on Compass under Co-curricular > Instrumental Music. Once the enrolment form has been received, the teacher will contact the parent directly to discuss a possible trial and suitable days and times for lessons. We look forward to seeing lots of new faces in our Instrumental Music rooms in 2023!

Mr Lindsay Genge
King's Instrumental Music Coordinator