Pimpama Campus Hosts Inaugural Debating Bootcamp


King's has consistently invested in programs for students who are keen to practise and progress their debating skills, and as a result, we have gained a strong reputation in debating against other schools. Pimpama campus hosted our very first Intercampus Debating Bootcamp on Wednesday, 25 May, where students from all three campuses came together to work on their debates for the next intercampus competition. Students refreshed their knowledge on how to write a persuasive argument and wrote very convincing debates on the specified topic: "All children should have access to mobile phones with full connectivity." 

We look forward to seeing these debates in action at the next intercampus competition: Pimpama campus | Wednesday, 15 June | 4.30pm start

"It was wonderful to bring all of our debating students together to collaborate and craft their debate arguments in their teams, and we look forward to hearing them debate this topic in June."