King's Pimpama Swimming Carnival 2022


2022 brought a different start to the year which required a combined Primary and High School Swimming Carnival. This year, King’s had a total of nine district qualifiers with a number of these students progressing to regionals and breaking Personal Best records.

The combined carnival was held at Gold Coast Performance Centre in Runaway Bay. It was great to see our students swimming in a long course pool and setting new records for our future age groups to chase. The huge participation from every year level was fantastic to witness. Finney continued their dominance in the pool, taking out both the Primary and High School carnival. Well done to all Houses for giving it your best and displaying sportsmanship and House spirit throughout the day. 

Primary House Points

High School House Points

1st - FINNEY 1,073 pts

1st - FINNEY 1,303 pts

2nd - TYNDALE 701 pts

2nd - RAYLEIGH 1,198 pts

3rd -  NEWTON 649 pts

3rd - NEWTON 981 pts

4th - RAYLEIGH 528 pts

4th - TYNDALE 686 pts

Record Breakers 


Mystiqrayne Harrison - 12yr - Freestyle, Backstroke & Butterfly New Records
Mia Caldwell - 14yr - Breaststroke New Record
Justine Platon - 14yr - Butterfly & Backstroke New Records 
Taylah Caldwell - 15yr - Freestyle, Breaststroke, Backstroke & Butterfly New Records
Lilly Petherick - 16yr - Backstroke New Record
Emily Clark - 16yr - Freestyle, Breaststroke & Butterfly New Records


Bailey White - 12yr Boys - Freestyle & Backstroke New Records
Bailey Tetonga - 13yr Boys - Breaststroke New Record
Mason Mower - 13yr - Freestyle & Backstroke New Records
Cooper Morris - 14yr - Freestyle, Breaststroke, Backstroke & Butterfly New Records
Grant Garcia - 15yr - Freestyle, Breaststroke & Backstroke New Records
Isaac Drummond - 15yr - Butterfly New Record 
Joshua Day - 16yr - Freestyle, Backstroke & Butterfly New Records
Judson Gainfort - 16yr - Breaststroke New Record

Swimming Carnival Age Champions 2022