King's Staff Tackle Australia’s Toughest Team Event

Extra Curricular

The saying goes “Teamwork makes the dream work” and as a staff of faith, we believe we were all created for a great purpose, however, the objective cannot be achieved without the help of others. Proverbs 27:17 reminds us of this: “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”

We are pleased to celebrate the achievements of 12 dedicated staff members who successfully completed the Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge on Saturday, 15 July. Two teams of four completed the 48km distance while the other team of four hiked the whole distance of 96km. This is Australia’s toughest endurance event. Having to check in on those around you and not just yourself is exactly what our diggers did on the Kokoda track in 1942, and this is a value we want to instil in our future generations. We all spent time laughing, building friendships and creating memories. We also experienced real, raw emotions as we were pushed far beyond our limits. This experience built unbreakable bonds and through hardship we grew closer. With resilience and determination, the teams demonstrated commitment to the values of perseverance and teamwork. We would like to thank everyone who supported us and also the College for assisting with our registration.  Congratulations to all participants for their outstanding achievements in the Kokoda Challenge - this could definitely be the start of something bigger to come!

  • King's 96km Team - Mr Vincze, Mr Afu, Mr Vincent and Mr O’Young (Primary School) 
  • King's Two 48km Teams - Mr Muir, Mr Karunaratne, Mrs Threlfo, Miss Capuano, Mr Easton, Mr Foster, Mr Sealey and Mrs Middleton.