Library Lovers' Week in the Junior Library


Library Lovers' Week is a wonderful opportunity for us to celebrate how much we enjoy our Junior Library and how much we love and value our books. In our library lessons, the Prep - Year 3 students talked about why they love the library and what it means to them. Some students added messages of love for our Library on heart shapes, which are on display. As part of Library Lovers Week, the students took part in a colouring-in competition. There were many impressive entries and our eight winners each received a book prize.

  • Year 3 winners: Haruka Igari & Marbella Jurin
  • Year 2 winners: Ariana Beveridge & Amy Yang
  • Year 1 winner: Melody Watts-Perrett
  • Prep winners: Mackenzie Edwards, Jenson Taylor & Caitlin Alexis

Congratulations to everyone!