Message of Hope from the Hope Tour Crew


The last chapel for Term 2 was an absolute blast for High School students and their teachers alike.  Everyone in the auditorium clapped sang, rapped and had great fun with the crew from the Hope Tour and speaker/rapper, Blake Young.  The crew shared their inspirational messages of hope, acceptance and love. 

Blake spoke to our students from the heart using animated communications that tap into his life experiences and unique point of view.

The students loved it when 11 of them got on stage to hear Blake turn everyday items into a rap song.  He took the randon objects and turned them into an engaging and spontaneous rap song.  He is a passionate speaker who wants young people to understand that they are special and have value in life no matter what background they come from.

Hope Tour is a high school program about getting a message of hope, to the young people of Australia who need to know they are worth fighting for. #youareworthit.