Middle School Leaders Attend Next Gen Leader's Summit


King's Pimpama Middle School Captains

King's Christian Colleges aims to equip its students to be Christian leaders of influence within their generation.

Our first Pimpama Middle School Captains recently attended the NEXT GEN Global Leadership Summit with High School Captains from King's Reedy Creek campus. 350 young influencers from King's hosted their very own NEXT GEN GLS with the hope of empowering each other as emerging leaders to make a difference in their community. The students heard from world-class speakers, discussed practical next steps and had a blast learning together.

The students heard from:

  • Jia Jiang - Rejection Proof
  • Vanessa Van Edwards - Science of Leadership
  • Krish Kandiah - VIP Leadership
  • Liz Bohannon - Beginners Pluck
  • Bear Grylls - Soul Food

Chapel Captain, David Contador, said, "I was impressed with the quality of the speakers and their stories and hearing how their experiences with failures helped them overcome challenges to lead people."

"It was great to feel part of the King's family and have the opportunity to get to be involved with the leadership team from our Reedy Creek campus."

Allegra Morrow said she learned how non-verbal communication and body language influence the way you interact with those around you.

"I also enjoyed Bear Grylls talking about using failures as a stepping stone to overcome things in your life and in return help others," she said.

Year 9 Captain, Emanuel Ferisa, thoroughly enjoyed learning about rejection. Speaker Jia Jiang spoke on how to rejection-proof your life and how she purposefully went out to experience rejection.

"We all need to learn how to deal with rejection in today's world and allow it to develop our character and build resiliency within each one of us," said Emanuel, who has no doubt that this NEXT GEN GLS experience will influence the current students in their leadership journey, now and into the future.